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- Allison F.

Different dogs have different grooming needs, depending on their size, breed, coat type, and whether they're indoor or outdoor dogs. Most outdoor dogs love to roll around in the dirt. It's their way of cooling off and marking their territory. So we recommend a monthly bath and brush service for most dogs, and a full grooming service every 5 to 8 weeks. If your dog has longer hair, we recommend weekly combing or brushing at home between groomings. Make sure the teeth of the brush or comb (preferably metal) touch your dog's skin, otherwise mats will develop and we might have to shave your dog. He doesn't want that!

Helping you help us

 -   Wait at least a few days after professional grooming to apply topical treatments

 -   Test the product you're using on a small patch of your dog's skin

 -   Monitor your dog's skin for allergic reactions after applying

 -   If a reaction occurs, wash your pet thoroughly with tap water

 -   Call your veterinarian

A word about fleas and ticks

Our policy is to give flea and tick baths to all pets known to have fleas or ticks. If you know that your dog has them, please tell us when you visit. If we find fleas or ticks after we begin grooming, we will try to contact you, but will proceed with the flea and tick bath regardless. It's for everyone's protection!

Home flea and tick treatments: