The North Shore's premiere pet grooming service. We treat your pets like royalty, because they are to you!

Where Dogs Rule

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A family owned business for over 30 years!

“They are always professional, super friendly, and treat my dog as if he were their own. Animal Kingdom is the only place I trust to care for my dogs!"

- Brandon K.

At Animal Kingdom, we know you place your dog on a pedestal, and so do we! We also know that some pets do not look forward to going to the groomers, and that's why we've worked hard to create an atmosphere that feels more like a "doggy day spa." We'll pamper them from nose to tail, including teeth brushing, ear cleaning and claw trimming. We use only the mildest cleansing products, certified pesticide-free, so your dog's skin will feel supple and moist weeks after his bath. After a warm blow-dry and coat trim, we finish it off with a head-to-tail massage, so she'll sleep like a little princess when she gets back to your castle!

Loyal subjects are ready to serve your little monarch

  -   Bath and coat conditioning, including flea and tick treatments

  -   Blow-dry and brush

  -   Anal gland expressing

  -   Coat clipping and styling

  -   Ear cleaning, nail trimming and filing

A close encounter of the worst kind

Uh-oh. Your dog met up with a skunk and the results are not pretty! Bring them to Animal Kingdom for a de-skunking treatment, which includes all the features of a full groom, plus removal of hair from the entire body. Choose a specific breed cut, or a complete shave. The smell will be gone, so you can get on.

Pet grooming services: